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Welcome to LHR Images!

This website is outdated and out of date. I'm well aware of that and am working to upgrade it. In the meantime, please select whichever of the following suits you best:

Social Media Links

My Face Book Page is where you'll find most of my recent photos (fine art as well as "record shots") as well as events I've created, etc.

My Recently Created Instagram Account is where you'll find most of my recent fine art photos with a few "record shots" thrown in.

My YouTube Channel is where you'll find videos of many of my adventures, near and far.

My Blog is where you'll find weekly (more or less) information about what I've been up to and where I've gone in the past week to make photos.

Online Stores & Galleries

LHR Images Online: This is where you'll find most of my images that are available at shows as well as local stores and galleries. Media types and pricing are also the same. All items are sourced through LHR Images which means that they will be signed and you will be dealing directly with me. I print my own paper prints up to 13x19 as well as my own Note Cards and Mouse Pads. All other items are ordered, by me, from reliable vendors I've worked with for years. There's an option to pick up your purchase from me to avoid shipping charges. This site should ONLY be used by customers in the Continental US.

LHR Images Photography: This is where you should go if you need a wider media type and size selection. All of the products ordered here are sourced from a reliable company located in Texas. They will be shipped directly to you. This means I won't be able to sign them. World Wide Shipping is available from this web site. Support is provided by LHR Images.

LHR Images at Pixels: There's an even wider selection of products, including items such as beach towels, phone cases and tote bags to name just a few at this website. Not only is International Shipping offered but there are also fulfillment centers located world wide. All orders are handled completely by Pixels, including any returns, etc.

Not all my images are available at each of the above locations. If you see anything on one store that you'd like me to make available at another, please let me know and I'll do what I can.

Thank you for your patience while I work to upgrade this website.

LHR Images
Fine Art Nature Photography
Rochester, MN

Upcoming Shows and Events

April 23-24, 2022
Northern Minnesota
Craft & Vendor Expo

Uptown Mall
Virginia, MN

Sat: 10AM - 5 PM
Sun: 11AM - 4 PM

May 6-7, 2022
Mother's Day
Craft & Vendor Show
Armory & Pine Tree Plaza
Cloquet, MN

Fri: 10AM - 5 PM
Sat: 9AM - 4 PM

July 29-31, 2022
Blueberry Arts Festival
Whiteside Park
Ely, MN

Fri: 10AM - 6 PM
Sat: 10AM - 6 PM
Sun: 10AM - 4 PM

Sep 9-11, 2022
Harvest Moon Festival
Whiteside Park
Ely, MN

Fri: 10AM - 5 PM
Sat: 10AM - 5 PM
Sun: 10AM - 3 PM