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We offer 2 basic "packages" for web pages and web sites. The following table compares the two:
Feature/Service Starter Package Full Package
URL (address) <yourname>.lhrimages.com www.<yourname>.com
Maximum # of Pages 3 10
Maximum amount of storage 5 MB 50 MB
Maximum # of Photos
and/or graphics
10 40
Maximum # of Pop3
e-mail accounts
Maximum # of
1 15
Maximum # of
E-Mail forwards
1 15
E-mail aliases unlimited
Mail Lists 1 3
Development Costs $150.00 Based on estimate *
Normally ~$500.00
based on 10 hours
@ $50.00/hour
Hosting Fee $15.00/month or
$20.00/month or
$55.00/quarter or
domain registration included.

Other services, payment schedules, etc.

For the "Full Package", other services such as secure server, password protected directories, and subdomains are available. Please inquire about specific services you might be interested in. Also, if neither of the above packages fits your needs, we are willing to work with you to find a package which does fit.

* For actual Development Cost, LHR Images will have a discussion with you, and determine what you want on your site. Based on that discussion, LHR Images will estimate how long it will take to develop your web site. Development cost will then be that time (in hours) multiplied by the hourly rate of $50.00. The customer will not be billed any more or less for the initial development cost of the site (unless significant changes are made to the requirements before the site is completed). The hosting fee plus 1/2 of the development cost must be paid before development commences. The final 1/2 of the development cost is due before the site goes "live".

For the "Starter Package", the development payment ($150.00) plus one month's hosting ($15.00) must be paid before development will begin. The monthly payment of $15.00 will be billed the first month after the "site" goes "live".

Payment must be made by check, payable to "LHR Images" in US currency.


For the "Full Package", minor changes will be made at no cost. Major changes (exceeding approximately 1 hour's work in a given month) will be billed at the rate of $50.00/hour.

For the "Starter Package", changes requiring less than 1/2 hour's work in a given month will be made at no cost. Changes in excess of 1/2 hour will be billed at the rate of $50.00/hour.

A maintenance agreement may be negotiated at the customer's request. An example would be an agreement for LHR Images to provide up to 3 hours of support a month for a monthly fee of $100.00. Any changes above the 3 hours would be billed at the standard hourly rate of $50.00.

Photos and Graphics

The customer can supply the photos and graphics for the web site or have LHR Images develop them. Time for photo and graphic development will be included in the overall development estimate.

Note; when the customer provides photos and/or graphics, the customer is responsible to ensure there are no copyright infringements or other legal issues associated with the use thereof.

Already have a Web Site?

LHR Images can transfer your web site to our hosting plan if desired. The transfer will be billed at the hourly rate of $50.00. Hosting fees will be as given above (eg. $200.00/year)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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